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Turmeric & Cinnamon Blend is designed to awaken your senses, boasting a rich array of nature's most interesting and flavoursome ingredients. 


250g - 23 Servings 


A warming yet refreshing blend of turmeric, cinnamon and natural spices, ready to be mixed with your milk of choice.


Directions of use:

*Our measurements are based on a standard 8oz cup size

To consume as a delicious warm beverage. Simply add 2 full teaspoons (11g) of Blendsmiths Turmeric & Cinnamon Blend to your milk and heat to the ideal temperature using one of the recommended methods below.


Allergens: None

Turmeric & Cinnamon Blend

  • Coconut Sugar, Ceylon Cinnamon, Turmeric (15%), Ginger, Star Anise and Black Pepper.

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