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A high oxygen barrier locks in freshness and ensures an aromatic, fragrant brew that accentuates deeper caramels and chocolate tones.


Made exclusively from natural and renewable raw materials, Nespresso® compatible espresso coffee pods are certified home and industrially compostable. Espresso pods has been designed to offer high performing, consistent coffee that delivers a satisfying, classic flavour profile.

Home Espresso Pods

  • Milk chocolate, almond, peach

  • Otocani, Cusco, Peru

    Members of the Valle Inca Association are growing Typica using sympathetic, organic agronomical practices up to altitudes of 2,100 metres in the Otocani community in the small locale of Paucartambo. The Valle Inca Assocation is a group of producers based in Cusco, Peru, headed up by the young and enthusiastic José Prudencio. 

    In 2018, our first year buying coffee through Valle Inca, the group had around 100 members. Thanks to word of mouth, with producers telling their neighbours of the premium prices that they were able to receive having been able to access a more discerning coffee market through the association, the group now works with 261 producers around the Cusco region, as well as expanding to Puno in recent years. 

    All the members are working organically and are certified as such via the Valle Inca group. For a member to join, there needs to be a baseline of quality met, dictated in part by altitude and the type of varieties planted, but ultimately it is down to the desire of each member to improve their quality through hard work. The group provide agronomical advice and training as well as pre-financing, so the farmer members are supported in multiple ways. Several of their members reliably place well in Peru’s Cup of Excellence competition.

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